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Parenting Seminars

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Free monthly bilingual Parenting Seminars in Spanish and English in local schools throughout our community. Parents learn about childhood mental health and positive parenting from licensed professionals.


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Mother's Morning


Esperanza, which means "hope" in Spanish, provides full scholarships to community parents receiving 6 personalized individual and 6 group therapy sessions led by a licensed professional, Christian, and bilingual therapist through a gospel lens.

Each summer we offer our community mothers a morning of relaxation and wellness through delicious food, fun crafts, and free chiropractic adjustments.  We also offer a kids zone full of fun activities.  All with the help of Hope for San Diego.

Strengthening our Family Relationships

Families come in all shapes and sizes making communication challenging while parenting. Evelyng Cohen, LMFT shares how to strengthen your family relationships no matter who is or is not helping you raise your children.

Positive Discipline Tactics

What is the difference between punishment and discipline? How do you get your child to listen and respond to your correction? Evelyng Cohen, LMFT shares how you can positively discipline your child.

Supporting our Children's Emotions

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of, control, and express one’s own emotions as well as manage interpersonal relationships. Claudia Rios-Gastelum, LMFT shares how to help your child increase their emotional intelligence.

How Trauma Impacts Your Child

What is trauma and what are the symptoms? How do I prevent trauma from happening in my family in the future? Therapists share the impacts of trauma and how we can help our children heal from it.

Childhood Bullying

What is bullying and how can my child stop it? How can I help my child not become a bully? Therapists share the difference between childhood conflicts and bullying as well as how to work with your child and school if it happens.

Setting Limits and Boundaries With Your Children

Some parents believe that discipline means they have to be strict and non-negotiable, which is not the case. With the increased knowledge, specialists have found different approaches to supporting both parents and children.

Self-Harm and Depression in our Teens

What is self-harm and why do our children and teens do it? Romelia Gomez, LMFT shares how to spot the behavior in your child and how you can help him or her.

Social Media and our Teens Mental Health

Social media is both positively and negatively impacting our teens. Maria Anguiano shares how you can reverse the negative effects social media is having on your child. 

Building Your Teens Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the cornerstone of our teens’s ability to grow into happy and healthy adults. When one believes themselves to be capable of doing things and identifies their internal and external strengths, he or she has the tools to overcome challenges.

How to Communicate With Your Teen

What is your teenager going through in this season? How do you connect with him or her? Therapists share how to start conversations and encourage your teenager during a difficult season of communication and emotions.

Meet our therapists and view their resources

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Claudia Rios-Gastelum 

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Romelia Gomez

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Evelyng Cohen

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