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  • Vision, Mission, and Values
    Vision: Alma Community Care desires to see mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy families creating a thriving Greater Logan Heights community. Mission: Alma Community Care provides professional mental health help with gospel-centered care to the families of Greater Logan Heights through family education, parenting seminars, and individual therapy. Values: We believe God can Heal, We can Help, and You have Hope.
  • Who do we serve?
    Alma Community Care is focused on serving San Diego's inner city community of Greater Logan Heights and its six distinct neighborhoods: Barrio Logan, Sherman Heights, Grant Hill, Stockton, Logan Heights, and Memorial.
  • What do we do?
    Alma Community Care offers... monthly bilingual Parenting Seminars as schools through our community. Parents learn about childhood mental health and positive parenting from licensed professionals. Esperanza, which means hope in Spanish, provides full scholarships to groups of five community parents to receive professional individual and group therapy. Therapy sessions are led by a licensed, Christian, and bilingual therapist and are designed to give each mother personalized help and support to care for herself and her family through a gospel lens. If you are interested in volunteering with us at either program, please contact us at!
  • Staff
    Carrie Anne Sandoval is the Executive Director of Alma Community Care. She is passionate about caring for those in need and seeing children succeed in both school and life.
  • Board of Directors
    Chris Sandoval, President Mike LaNier, Treasurer Mark Malipaard, Secretary Mark Woodrow Steve Bowlin Kathleen Lennard
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