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Self-Care as a Family

Written by: Itzel Ballew, LMFT #101210

For many of us the day to day responsibilities in our lives may have changed due to the early stages of this pandemic. For some this shift might look like going from busy and hectic lives outside of the home, to working from home, school in the home and perhaps more time with spouses in the home. So in many ways the busyness of our lives may have remained the same, only many of us are facing this uncertain time with less supports in place.

Some of these reduced supports can be lack of childcare options, limited outlets to relieve stress, challenges in being able to spend time apart from children, spouse or other family members.

So naturally, the reduction in our support systems can leave us feeling anxious and sad. While these emotions are very normal, there are effective ways to model and manage caring for yourself and family during stressful times. Modeling self-care practices can help support your family manage stress and uncertainty in the future.

~ Set Goals as Family: It’s important to feel like we belong and are connected to members of our family. So focus on setting small, measurable, achievable, and realistic goals. This helps us focus on areas in our life that are within our control.

~ Exercise Together: Each family member contributes by choosing a 10 minute free exercise video on YouTube (cosmic yoga, go noodle, dance routine). A fun and stress-relieving activity that builds connection!

~ Go Outside Together: Parents can create or download an outdoor scavenger hunt. Playing as a family is a great way to have fun! (Follow CDC tips for outdoor protection).

~ Reading Time as a Family: Every family member reads a book of their interest and shares after 20 minutes of reading. Modeling learning activities as a family helps children see its value and importance.

~ Mindful Family: A daily 5 minute gratitude practice where family members focus on all the good news and things happening in your life. Remember to check in with each family member and have them share what they are grateful for that day.

How will your family engage in self-care this week?


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