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Join Us Online!


Join us each month at one of three local schools for our free Parenting Seminars. All seminars are taught in Spanish with English translation and everyone is welcome.


Invite your friends and join us at one of our many seminars!

 Fall 2020

Burbank Elementary

Fall 2019

September 19th: Positive Discipline Tactics

November 12th: Childhood Anxiety

December 3rd: Childhood Bullying

Spring 2020

February 11th: Childhood Depression

March 17th: Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Illness

May 12th: The 4 Characteristics that Lead to Separation or Divorce

June 9th: The Impact of Your Marriage on Your Children

Logan K-8

Fall 2019

September 17th: Technology & Your Kids

October 15th: Drugs, Alcohol & Your Teens

November 14th: Positive Discipline Tactics

December 10th: Childhood Depression

Spring 2020

February 18th: Know the Signs: Self-Harm & Suicide

March 24th: Childhood Bullying

May 19th: Pornography and Your Children

June 16th: What is Your Parenting Style?

King Chavez Academies

Spring 2020

February 5th: The Road to Puberty

March 11th: How to Implement Daily Routines

April 1st: Childhood Depression

May 20th: Drugs, Alcohol & Mental Illness

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