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Established in 2017, Alma Community Care is a faith-based nonprofit that seeks to provide comprehensive Christian care to all families and residents of Greater Logan Heights. We believe that God can heal, that we can help, and that our neighbors have hope by providing mental health awareness, education, and resources.

Greater Logan Heights is one of San Diego’s most historically significant, ethnically diverse, and densely populated urban areas. It consists of six distinct yet similar neighborhoods — Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Memorial, Sherman Heights, Grant Hill, and Stockton. 


Located just east and south of San Diego’s downtown, Greater Logan Heights has been home to many of the city’s newcomers, laborers, and servicemen since the late 1800’s. Today, it is also San Diego’s youngest urban area with a diverse blend of 40,000 Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites and with a dynamic mix of industry, art, commerce, and housing.


Greater Logan Heights has the city’s highest number of children per capita, with 1 out of every 3 residents being under the age of 18.


Unfortunately, 30% of Greater Logan Heights’ students are considered homeless and 60% will not graduate from high school.


Despite all this, Greater Logan Heights became one the city’s most racially segregated, economically depressed, and criminally exploited urban areas for most of the last century due to discriminatory housing and business laws. In recent years, however, the community has begun experiencing renewal and redevelopment, attracting a younger generation of new-comers in search of urban housing, cultural diversity, and business opportunities.


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